The Newport/Priest River Rotary Club has been serving the local communities since 1996.  The club is now up to 32 members and has many local service projects as well as international projects helping children in Ecuador.  One big accomplishment is the Oldtown Rotary Park where the club meets every Wednesday at 7 a.m. The club has a second meeting time at noon every second and fourth Wednesday. The noon meeting is held at varying local restaraunts.

Serving many towns and two states is never to big of a job for the "little club that can!"  The club gives out a minimum of five $500 scholarships to five recipients in three different high schools each May.  There are many fundraising projects including holiday greeting boards, Great Northwest Fall Tour bike, WACANID bike ride, Mother's Day Eve dinner and auction, pizza sales at the Newport Rodeo, Run for the Berries, Priest River Timber Days, concessions at boat races at the park and other projects such as the sale of eco-blocks.  These activities bring in the necessary funds to be able to support many things.

For all the good the Rotary Club does, they also have a  lot of fun events.  Usually on the agenda in the fall is a Halloween party. At Christmas, a holiday party is a great mixer to meet the other half of the Rotary members, exchange gifts and get to know one another on a fun basis. Our open house/community breakfast is held early in the year. Springtime means it's time for a mystery dinner. It is a fun time to cut loose, with great food and drinks, and everyone getting into character and sharing laughs. 

The annual initiation dinner to install new officers is in June. It is also a welcome time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and gear up for another year of service above self.